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About Me

I partially grew up in Bonny Doon, California, and I've been doing computer work since 1997.

I spent most of my twenties working as a software test guy at Santa Cruz Operation and VMware. I've worked for Hitachi since 2010.

Here's my resume:  Robroy_Gregg_Resume_E.doc.

Besides computers, I also like the Mandarin Chinese language, improvised musical comedy, emergency preparation, amateur "HAM" radio, firearms, radio-controlled model aircraft, writing love poems and songs, New Thought and Buddhist philosophy, the art of conversation, old Ford pickup trucks, bright yellow (the color), hearing ducks quack, and fancy tea and coffee (esp. light-roast blends, served black).


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Awards and Certificates

HDS Performance Award. Hitachi Data Systems gave me this award for writing a continuous integration and automatic test system for a NetBackup OpenStorage plug-in project.

It worked by watching the source code control system, and every time it saw a commit, it'd update the checked out files, compile the plug-in (by running build scripts written by others), re-install a NetBackup Master server and two Media servers, install the plug-in, test a backup and restore through the plug-in and check the restored data's integrity. It showed its results on a dynamic Web page.

The system ran on OpenBSD and was mostly written in Tcl and Expect, though the NetBackup computers it controlled were RHEL 5 and Win2k8.

VMware VI3 Certificate. VMware paid for me to take some classes while I worked there. I took a Virtual Infrastructure 3 class and was given this certificate. The class was taught by Kirk Lacewell; he really knew a lot about ESX.

VMware VI3 Certificate. I also earned an ESX Server 2.5 certificate.

Microsoft Certified Professional Logo. I'm familiar with Windows Server operating systems through Windows Server 2012 R2. I have a classic Microsoft MCP certificate for Windows NT Server 4.0.

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